Functionality And Design
Nordgren Innovation has extensive experience in developing products and solutions in various fields, with emphasis on software and consumer goods. New product development is conducted alongside other employments and is focused on products that make everyday life easier for users in different ways.

"A good innovation is most often as not requested before it exists, as it is taken for granted, when it exists."
Nordgren Innovation's most successful and large-scale commercial product is targeted to the most challenging user group available - small children. The area is one of the most difficult daily tasks to be performed - to put on their shoes.

The only solution on the market was the traditional shoe horn, which is not always so appealing and fun and also makes putting on the shoes harder rather than easier for children aged 3-6 years, when they try to learn to put on their shoes themselves.

Nordgren Innovation took up the challenge and developed the world's first and coolest shoehorn for children. The intended audience except children themselves, was parents of small children and preschool teachers.

The shoehorn has sold over 30,000 copies in 15 countries and has been used in preschools throughout the country. More information is available at